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Questionnaire Process

We know that manually managing third-party security questionnaires can be laborious and ineffective. Why waste time chasing down vendors or tracking answers, only to get an incomplete or inaccurate view of supplier risk?

Panorays’ automated, dynamic security questionnaires eliminate the tedium and delay of manual questionnaires. You’ll:

  • Get answers faster (as soon as 8 days)
  • Onboard vendors more quickly
  • Be assured your suppliers align with security policies

Use questions from built-in SIG and CAIQ templates, or customize your own — it’s easy. Control your vendor security by requesting a demo with Panorays today.

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“With manual questionnaires, we wasted a lot
of time waiting for answers. Panorays gives me
better control of my suppliers. That’s what
helps the most.”

Jonny Jonathan,
Global Director of Information and Cybersecurity
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