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Automate and Accelerate Your SIG Questionnaire Process

SIG is delivered as a huge content library that requires users to decide on the questions to include in their own supplier questionnaire template. Most users will also further customize the questionnaire for each type of vendor, to ensure it’s relevant to the business relationship and as short as possible. With Panorays, this entire process is automated. Learn how to:

  • Easily create a customized version of the SIG that aligns not only with internal controls and industry standards, but is also specific to the business relationship with each supplier.
  • Verify responses quickly and easily. Panorays’ external view of the vendors’ cyber posture instantly verifies and scores the vendors’ responses to the SIG Questionnaire.
  • Decide how questions are calculated in the rating, according to your company’s internal standards. Flag “deal-breaker” questions to quickly identify vendors that don’t comply with policies.

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By adopting and contributing to the Shared Assessments standard, Panorays is working to create standard assessments that are reliable, relevant and efficient.
Catherine A. Allen,
Chairman & CEO, The Santa Fe Group