Maximize ROI
and Improve Your Third-Party Security Risk Management

Maximize ROI Guide

The likelihood of a third-party breach is 7x the likelihood of a direct attack. What’s also true is that most companies have hundreds or thousands of vendors and have limited internal resources to vet, onboard and manage them.

There is a faster, better way to manage your vendor security risk program. The Guide to Maximizing ROI will help you:

  • Understand how and why it’s time to automate and scale your vendor assessment process.
    See how you can evaluate vendors in 9 days instead of 9 weeks.
  • Learn how to quickly and accurately evaluate and manage the process.
    Get a 360-degree vendor cyber risk rating and collaborate with suppliers more effectively.
  • Explore a cost-effective way to upgrade your third-party security risk program.
    Calculate how to save resources, lower security risk and speed up business using our formula.

GET THE GUIDE and learn more about how Panorays can eliminate your manual processes and upgrade your processes from your existing solution.

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