The CISO’s Guide to
Evaluating Third-Party Security
Platforms: Top Questions to Ask

Evaluating Third-Party Security Platforms

A comprehensive third-party security program can align your vendor’s security with your internal security controls and risk appetite. Such a program can also help you remediate risk if your vendors fall short. And the right third-party security management platform can be a smart way to get your program off the ground or automate the one you already have in place.

Yet not all third-party security management platforms are the same. The features can vary, depending on the solution. So what should you be looking for when evaluating solutions?

This guide covers the important questions you should be asking. For example, does the platform:

  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of third-party security?
  • Eliminate the tedium and delay of manual questionnaires?
  • Offer accurate risk ratings?
  • Provide transparency about how third parties are assessed?

Download the new guide now to learn the important questions to ask and the essential features to look for!

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